Me esquece

Me esquece is an odd banda with an odd name.

Apply it from the front.

First, with your left foot turned 45 degrees to the left, wrap your right leg around opponent's left leg, using Rooster mechanics, bumping the back of his thigh forward; this arches him back a bit and prepares him for the second part.

Then, give him a Bau (bumping with your pelvis aganst his pelvis), as you curl your right leg behind his knees. This is done using Dom Horse mechanics, as normal Bau.

This will clip opponent's legs and he will fall on his back.


The power of opponent's fall is given by the power of your belly bump.


After the opponent falls down, it is easy to stomp on his head, as usually with bandas.


Me esquece is described by Burlamaqui(1928).




















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