Pantana de cocoras

This is a higher-level version of Pantana; this one is done from a squat and it is used in higher-level Capoeiragem.

Compare it with Pantana.


Equip LightLegs; then squat on both legs, right leg forward, using Bear+Seduction1. Your hands are extended forward, but not touching the ground.

Switch to Snake, touch your fingers to the ground and use the elastic force of both legs to throw you up onto your hands like a front handspring. However, as in the normal Pantana, step forward into it with your right hand.

This is the point when the kick hits; it is also a high-energy point, so shout "Haaa!" as you kick.

This applies a nerve strangle to the opponent; kicks him hard; and throws him on the ground. It also pushes you back onto your feet.


However, if you do it solo, or you miss the opponent, the LightLegs make your body spin rightward; lifting your right hand, overspinning, and landing forward onto your right hand and into a squat.



The rest is the same as in normal Pantana

Raul Pederneiras “O Nosso Jogo”, 1926.


This Pantana is used from Negaca - the squat is done using Bear+Seduction1; and it is more long range.



















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