Pantana de lado

Pantana de lado is a less known type of Pantana that is entered sideways.


Pantana de lado in Pederneiras' 'Nosso jogo', 1926.


Its proper mechanical archetype is Leopard+Seduction1+LightLegs.

To do it, stand facing the opponent; then turn rightward, until your left side faces the opponent; at the same time, arch the body leftward, arms upward. (If you use the proper archetype combination, it takes care of the proper movement).

Keep bending and turning, until you stand on your hands; facing the opponent.

Then do a step towards him with your left hand - this is a high-energy point("Haaa!"). At the same time, your legs hit downward into the opponent.

This applies a nerve strangle to the opponent; kicks him hard; and throws him on the ground.

The LightLegs will make you spin as you fall down; so you land on all fours, facing upward.


The final spin is important as it gives the kick its force; it is create by LightLegs. It is the same technology as in frontal Pantana.


To train it, first, do the kick only with Leopard+Seduction1 archetype; hitting the opponent/pad with your legs swinging downward. Then add LightLegs to add the spin (and power).


Pantana de lado is used as a counter. But for the best effect, the initial turn and back arch should be used as a Negaça(Bear+Seduction1).

To do the entry properly, reach backward with your right arm as you turn leftward.



In the book of Azevedo: 'O Cortiço'(1890), Firmo, the head of capoeira gang, probably uses this kick against an opponent that attacks with a punch.

















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