Pe de panzina

Pe de panzina is the front kick of old capoeiragem.


However, this kick is not done like the modern front kick. A proper Pe de panzina is done using Tiger+LightLegs mechanics.
The LightLegs part is very important, as it gives the kick is quickstart, so it can be used as a jabkick.

Also, it gives the kick a nice penetration effect; if the opponent is hit on the centerline, he is taken down.

- The takedown part is not faked; neither just for show. It is the effect the proper Pe de panzina has; if it is not there, you are doing it wrong!

- Pe de panzina can be done from standing (back leg) or from Peneiracao (by stepping forth and kicking)

- Modern front kicks, including modern capoeira Bencao, are done without the LightLegs modificator; making them different from (and inferior to) a proper Pe de panzina.

- If you kick opponent's chest (using the proper mechanics, Tiger+LightLegs), this is a knockout strike.

- The LightLegs modificator gives the kick another nice property: It cannot be blocked with arms (the blocker causes his own nerve disruption and eats the kick); it must be evaded, as in Carioca and the original Regional of Mestre Bimba (see my article on blocking a front kick).

- Pe de panzina is described in Moraes Filho(1901); also called 'Metter o andante' by Calixto Cordeiro(1906).

- the original Bencao of Mestre Bimba was done using the same archetype(Tiger+LightLegs); but it seems he was not able to pass it onto his students.

















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