Pontape is similar to the modern Ponteira - front kick with the toes. However, several things must be said.

(on the left, Hermanny applying Pontape against Guanair Vial; around 1950)


First, proper Pontape must be done using LightLegs; giving it Eagle+LightLegs archetype.

Kick with your toes directly into the target. It is a high-energy point("Haaa!")

Modern Ponteira is usually done without LightLegs, making the kick different and inferior.


Pontape was one of the few technique of old Capoeiragem that neutralized by impact; not by a takedown.


Targets for Pontape are either the chin, the solar plexus, or the groin area; all using a vocalization("Haaaa!"). The result is an organ crusher.

This means that you can seriously injure or kill the opponent with the kick. That applies even for the modern ponteira, if you 'accidentally' do it the correct way.

As for what this means, read my article on the Pontape dilemma.


You can twist your hip a bit sideways into the Pontape! (it still remains Pontape,ie the same principle and archetype). This is not a martelo/roundkick(which does not allow LightLegs); just a Pontape done with leg sideways.


Pontape, even thought it is a LightLegs kick, can be blocked with arms.


 (Carlos Alberto Pettezzoni, demonstration in 1948; note the turned hip)





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