Frontal and rear Raspas are the basic unbalancing movements of Batuque.

Both are done using Rooster mechanics.


Frontal raspa

Using Rooster mechanics, simply swipe your right hooked leg forward, sweeping opponent's left leg from the rear.

Today, this technique is wrongly called 'Rasteira em pe'. This is not a rasteira; Rasteiras are described elsewhere. This is a Batuque technique which uses completely different mechanics (Rooster). You can easy distinguish it from Rasteira by the fact that in Frontal raspa, you are hunched forward.


Rear raspa

Using Rooster mechanics, swipe your right leg backward, sweeping opponent's right leg from the rear.

Today, this technique is called 'Banda da costas' and done with a push of opponent's chest. Both are wrong:
-Banda de costa is a completely different technique, done using different mechanics (Eagle). See our techniques list.
-If you do this technique with a hand push, you make it weak or even nonworkable.

This is Rear raspa and it is a simple leg swipe, without pushing the opponent with either hand.

















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