Rasteira Bahiana


This is a variation of the Low rasteira that was used in Bahian capoeira.


It differs from the Carioca Low rasteira in that the torso is turned into the movement, hands in front; and that a different mechanics is used.

As in Low rasteira, first, get on your left hand, squat on your left leg, and using your right foot, hook behind opponent's front leg; pulling him off ballance. This is done using Snake mechanics.

However, then, use Seduction1 modificator, get on both hands, facing the ground, pull forward and lift your right leg to the right side, throwing the opponent down.


The effect is the same as in Low rasteira Carioca - the opponent is unbalanced in the first phase, and thrown in the second. However, here, the throwing phase used Seduction1 mechanics (instead of the Crane in Rio Low rasteira).

This mechanics - Snake into Seduction1 - only works on the ground; it cannot be adapted to standing (unlike the Snake->Crane rasteira of Carioca)


Rasteira baiana can also be done in a half-circular path, instead of pulling, the lifting; it is still Snake+Seduction1 and has the same effect.


Modern version of this rasteira lacks the throwing part; this is wrong.


Rasteira Bahiana was one of the main weapons of old Bahian capoeira; used as a counter against punches (and kicks, in the game of capoeira).


The secret of real Bahian rasteira - ankle breaker

If you do the Rasteira Bahiana properly, as described above, it hides a dirty secret: It can hook opponent's leg in his mid-calf (unlike Low rasteira of Rio that must hook at the ankle; compare it with standing Rasteira).

If you do this and then throw using Seduction1, it will dislocate opponent's ankle. This works both for inside and outside rasteira.

This is the real Bahian rasteira.

(Rasteira baiana done as an ankle breaker; 1955, Mestre Waldemar (http://velhosmestres.com/en/waldemar-1955-1))


Low Rasteira Carioca vs Rasteira Baiana

The Low Carioca rasteira and Rasteira baiana are very similar techniques; they have the same effect and the same entry angle. They only differ in the way the opponent is thrown in the finish(Crane vs Seduction1).


The main difference is that Rasteira baiana is meant as a counter, done against opponent's attack; while  Low rasteira Carioca is more used from Negaca(or to be more precise, from Emotion inductor: Cover).


Also, as noted above, Rasteira baiana can be applied as an ankle-breaker; while for Low rasteira Carioca, you have to apply another finish after taking the opponent down, usually the groin crusher (See my article on Finishes).























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