Uppercut jab


This is an interesting hand jab, shown in Pederneiras(1926).


Using Eagle+LightLegs, step forth with your right leg, as you throw a quick jabbing uppercut (+Seduction1) to opponent's chin. This is a high-energy point("Haaa!").

Stretch your arm completely upward as in the picture; do not stop at his chin as in the video.

This creates a nerve strangle; similarly to other jab, it is used to setup a more powerful technique.

It also makes the opponent arch backward and locks his arms back.


This is another of Carioca jabs. It should not be used as a normal (knockout) punch!

Its main feature is the quickness(Seduction1), which makes it suitable for jab entry. Then you finish him with some powerful technique (a takedown, generally).

Its speciality is that unlike the other jabs (slaps, eye fork), it makes the opponent arch backward, unbalancing him.


I stress it once again: This is not an uppercut or a straight punch to the chin; it is a special entry technique (jab), and must be thrown using LightLegs and Seduction1 while stepping with the same leg.


As noted, this technique is shown in Pederneiras, Nosso jogo(1926) and called "Na freguezia dos queixos'.





















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