Note to vocalization

As noted in the techniques descriptions, some movements are high-energy points (read the article on them in my book on Kusanku); so they have to be done with proper vocalization (sounds).

I capture the sounds using my native language(Czech); below is the approximate English pronunciation:

"Ho!" - [ho] as in hot (British English pronunciation)
"Haaa!" - [ha:] as in hard
"He!" - [he] as in hen
"Heee!" - [he:] as in "He!", but longer
"Hiii!" - [hi:] as in heat
"Hu!" - [hu] u as in put
"Kchhh!" - [kxxx]  /x/ represents a fricative sound as in /l?x/ for Scottish loch
"Fiiii!" - [fi:] as in fee
"Chii!" - [xi:] see above
"Chuu!" - [xu:] u as in too
"Fffff!" - [ffff]
"Vok vok vok!" - as the Chinese Wok
"Eeeee!" - [e:] as in ten but long
"Jou!" - [iou] as in yo















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