What is the 'Second book of capoeiragem'?

As I wrote elsewhere, the techniques presented on this site(razorwire.wz.cz) together with the accompanying youtube videos are the basic techniques of Carioca (and old Bahian capoeira). Together, they represent the basic level of old Carioca; if you master them, then technically-wise, you know everything important of the old combat art.

This is why I affectionally call this site 'book one'.

However, that is only the beginning. The old fighters applied these techniques using advanced mechanics; and even more advanced tactics. It is only when used with the high-level mechanics and tactics that the old Capoeiragem becomes scary and nigh invincible. This is the advanced level; the 'real' Capoeiragem.

I describe these advanced tactics and mechanics in a manuscript I call 'Second book of capoeiragem'; it is my final and master text on old Capoeiragem; a text that allows people to understand what old Capoeiragem really was about.

I also wrote 'Third book of capoeiragem' that describes techniques and tactics with weapons used in old Carioca (straight razor, knife, short club).



















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