Xico talks to Filip about tactics

One lesson, Filip described how he tried to spar with his friend; but every time he lifted a leg to kick bencao, his friend quickly darted out of range; only to take him down later.

Xico said: As I already told you, every technique has to be set up with an entry. Without tactics, you cannot land any attack.

As you know, there are four entries, done in four different situations:
-If the opponent's guard is open and he moves around a lot, use a jab
-If the opponent has a tight guard and is defensive, use a guardbreaker
-If the opponent is agressive and attacks, use a counter
-If the opponent grabs you, use a hold defence
-If the opponent doesn't realize he is in fighting situation, use ambush

In the situation with your friend, he clearly was moving around a lot; so you would have to enter using a jab.

However, that is not your only choice. You can also use your malandragem and your knowledge of tactics to convert the situation to another one.

1)You can fake attacks (attacking fake) while advancing; this will, in time, force the opponent to pull a tight guard. Then use a guardbreaker.
2)You can fake retreating, using drawing fakes and being pasive; this will, in time, provoke the opponent to get agressive and attack you. Then use a counter.
3)You can take advantage of the fact he is grabbing you to take you down; fake opening (this is a type of drawing fake) and as he grabs you, use a hold defence.
4)You can say to the friend 'ok, let us stop this nonsense'; and as he relaxes, attack him using ambush.



















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