Capoeiragem cabeçadas

For greater clarity, let me list all the (combat usable) cabeçadas used in Capoeiragem:
(Most of them are shown in our videos).

-Solta to solar plexus (Tiger mechanics) (description)
-Double leg cabeçada - Monkey to stomach with double legs hold (description)
-Cocada (Monkey+Lightlegs+Seduction1 with a waist grab to the chin to break jaw/neck) (description)

Note that all these flow naturally from Peneiraçao and Negaças.

2)old Bahian capoeira
-Rooster+Seduction1 rising to solar plexus("Haaa!" - organ crusher); also a takedown against kick
-Rooster+Seduction1 straight to the chest/back("Haaa!" - breath sealer(6/8sec));neutralizes a grab; also a takedown against Au
-Rooster+Seduction1 to stomach with up/down arm spread - "Pastinha's cabeçada" (takedown)

Note that all these flow naturally from Bahian ginga.

3)Mestre Bimba (original Regional/Nemer style)
-Tiger to the chin with arm hold (presa) (description)
-Tiger to the chest with forearm press (chest smasher) (description)
-Tiger to the chest with a punch block (chest smasher with a block)

Note that all these flow naturally from Nemer ginga.

4)assorted headbutts to the face
-Eagle sideways to the nose
-Tiger to the nose with double ear clinch
-Lion to the side of the face with one arm clinch (rare; used in Carioca from low Negaca)


Wrong cabeçadas

We do not list the wrong or unusable cabeçadas here. If you know another capoeira cabeçada, chances are it is simply a bad technique.

We specifically ommited these cabeçadas:

-curved upward Tiger to the body for uprooting (or to the face) - because it leaves the face severely unprotected and has a wrong mechanics; see other articles.
-Tiger to the face without clinch - because without clinching, this cabeçada is vulnerable; see the article about this
-Rooster+Seduction1 to the head/chin/face - because it has wrong mechanics for head hits

Note that all good cabeçadas (basically, the ones listed above in this article) lock opponent's arms to the sides, so he cannot gouge you or use a weapon to attack your. Bad cabeçadas do not have this effect.

For a complete list of all types of headbutts I know, see my Shisochin book.














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