The game is done by one player standing with feet together; while the other player is moving around him, tricking, the unexpectedly launching a leg swipe to take the standing player down.
The standing player can defend by going up with the swipe, 'riding' it, thus staying on his feet.

If the attacker is not able to take the defender down, they change places.


These are the techniques of original Batuque I learned from old documents and a lot of experimentation and pondering.
They are all designed to be done against the opponent who stands with his legs closed together. Most of them consist of an unbalancing swipe and then a pull that sweeps opponent's legs from underneath him.
Videos and descriptions will be gradually added to all the techniques!

1)forward raspa (Rooster) (description)
2)backward raspa (Rooster) (description)
3)traçada one-sided (Rooster->Snake) (description)
4)traçada two-sided (Rooster->Rooster) (description)
5)internal traçada (Rooster->Snake) (description)
6)banda de frente (Tyranosaurus->Tiger) (description)
7)dourada (Seduction1) (description)
8)jogada (Seduction1) (description)
9)cruz de carreira (Rooster->Snake) (description)
10)lifting banda (Eagle->Seduction1) (description)
11)rapa (Rooster+Seduction1) (description)
12)encruzilhada (Snake+Seduction1) (description)
13)bau (Dom Horse+LightLegs) (description)
14)banda de lado (Tiger+LightLegs) (description)
15)banda de costa (Eagle) (description)
16)me esquece(Rooster->Dom Horse) (description)
17)cruzada (Tyranosaurus+LightLegs) (description)
18)dourado (Leopard+Seduction1) (description)
19)thesoura (Snake+LightLegs) (description)
20)banda amarrada (Snake+LightLegs) (description)
21)tranco(Monkey+LightLegs+Seduction1) (description)
22)rabo-de-arraia(Smilodon+LightLegs) (description)
23)double leg banda(Horse) (description)

Two nerve disruptor positions:
Of crucial importance are the two nerve disruptor positions:
1)Clube X (or leque)
2)Figure 4 (or letra)

For analysis see my article on Batuque tactical scheme


1)An important part of Batuque was the 'tricking' footwork done by the attacking player.

2)The first two techniques are used to uproot the enemy directly: Forward and backward Raspa are the common sweeps (today usually and wrongly called 'rasteira' and 'banda de costas').

3)I included Dourado and Thesoura as they were part of a similar game, Pernada of Rio.
















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