This site documents my research of Capoeira Carioca, the original combat capoeira of old Rio de Janeiro. Note that all these techniques came from my historical research and are unknown in modern capoeira (generally not done anymore); therefore, if you see somebody doing these techniques today, chances are they took it from this website. Of course, I cannot forbid people from using these techniques; nevertheless, they should acknowledge where they got them from.

Additionally, techniques of related styles (Batuque, original Regional, old Bahian capoeira) will be discussed.

(c)2019 Renato Muller; with special thanks to Zbynek and David

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2.Cabecada solta





Baloes - reference list

Can cabecada be used in combat?




 Older articles

On Batuque/Pernada

Baloes - the throws of Regional

Regional = Baloes














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